Mark Gilman has been providing content, web messaging and articles/op-eds for clients and customers since 2006. Included in his current work is:, a financial news website headquartered in Detroit, since 2020. The site, whose articles are posted on other financial sites, including Yahoo Finance, provides investment advice and analysis as well as other aggregated content.

You can read Mark’s articles for Benzinga here.  

Business Advisory Site, 

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Managing Editor of 

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With an innate flair for weaving captivating narratives and an unyielding passion for the written word, Mark boasts a writing aptitude that leaves an indelible mark on web visitors, clients and the media. Armed with a keen eye for detail and a profound understanding of storytelling, Mark has shown the ability to effortlessly convey our message and what differentiates us in the marketplace. Mark is a true pro, a proficient wordsmith and a dependable asset to our company. 

Mike Starobinsky
Owner and President, Maxwill IT Solutions

Mark Gilman’s writing is a testament to his versatility and seasoned ability to engage readers across diverse spheres. His works range from exploring the richness of arts and culture to offering insightful business analyses. His style—the perfect blend of relatability and sophistication—captures the essence of his subjects with authenticity and clarity. Mark doesn’t just write – he connects, enlightens, and sparks conversations, adding value to the wide-ranging narratives he covers.

Billy Strawter
Managing Partner Milo Marketing and Owner, Blac Magazine